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Northern Region Endoscopy Group

Aims and objectives of NREG for the next 5 years

Our ambition is to see the UK as a world leader in endoscopic research and believe that one way to achieve this is through collaboration of research networks such as NREG.

We wish to see NREG undertaking and publishing high quality endoscopic research on a regular basis and plan to achieve this with the following objectives:

Publications - NREG aims to continue publishing research in high impact journals with a focus on clinically driven endoscopy research that improves clinical practice.

Funding ? To continue to gain funding and NIHR portfolio status for projects currently under development. Resources will allow the network to function more effectively.

Ideas ? To continue to develop high quality clinically relevant endoscopy research proposals.

Technology ? To strengthen further our relationships with industry and undertake assessments of new technology.

Collaboration ? To strengthen collaboration with the BSG national Endoscopy research network; with academic partners and with other regional networks. We hope to see similar networks developed throughout the country.