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Northern Region Endoscopy Group

What are NREG achievements?

Numerous abstracts and oral presentations resulting from NREG endorsed projects have been presented at British Society of Gastroenterology, Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, National Cancer Research Institute and Digestive Diseases Week meetings. These abstracts have included data from all units in the network and encompass more than 30 authors. Research areas include bowel cancer screening, endoscopy quality improvement, ERCP, endoscopy service provision and oesophageal stenting.

NREG has promoted and encouraged network participation in established NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) trials. NREG has collaborated closely with the national Barrett’s Oesophagus Surveillance Study (BOSS) to provide region-wide recruitment. 

In November 2009 NREG was awarded its first NIHR grant, a Research for Patient Benefit study evaluating the role of oesophageal stents for benign strictures (lead clinician Dr Anjan Dhar).

Recent NREG achievements have included completion of the QIC study (Quality in colonoscopy) testing the implementation of a bundle of evidence based interventions to improve colonoscopy quality. The DISCARD 2 study was a major collaboration between NREG and St Marks which tested the implication of optical based diagnosis of colonic polyps. Manuscripts of both these studies are in preparation.

NREG has the benefit of having input from an internationally renowned GI primary care team, lead by Professors Greg Rubin and Pali Hungin. NREG has developed close links with this team and a joint funding application to look at increasing uptake of colorectal cancer screening has been submitted to Research for Patient Benefit. A number of links with industry have been established and NREG has begun to undertake evaluation of new technologies.

NREG have established close working links with other centres within the UK and joint grant applications have been submitted collaborating with Professor Mark Hull’s unit in Leeds and with Dr Brian Saunder’s unit at St. Mark’s/Imperial College. NREG has provided the opportunity for trainees to contribute to regional research and audit.

NREG has worked closely with the BSG endoscopy research committee, chaired by Dr Andrew Veitch. NREG has developed close links with the primary care research network and with the comprehensive local research networks and the GI speciality group.

NREG has hosted three national endoscopy symposia at the SAGE centre in Newcastle-Gateshead in 2009 , 2011 and 2013, entitled 'Advances in Luminal Endoscopy'. Faculty has included Professor Peter Cotton, Professor Christopher Gostout, Professor Hugh Barr, Dr Mark McAlindon, Dr Brian Saunders, Professor Roger Barton, Dr John Silcock and Dr Roland Valori.