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Northern Region Endoscopy Group

How is NREG organised?

Aims ? NREG aims to encourage, develop, coordinate and publish high quality endoscopic research.

Strategy ? To encourage collaboration between regional endoscopy units with pooling of ideas, expertise, resources and study populations. Structure ? The group is coordinated by a chair and vice chair with each Endoscopy unit in the region represented by a link person. All Endoscopy units, regardless of size, have equal voting rights. The Association of Upper GI Surgeons and the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland are represented on the group. There are also nominated links for primary care (John Greenaway), industry (Dr Manu Nayar and Anhan Dhar) and nurse endoscopy (Clare Westwood).

Communication ? The link person represents colleagues within their Endoscopy unit and coordinates the dissemination of information from NREG to their local unit and ideas from the units back to NREG.

Meetings ? NREG meetings take place quarterly and are open to anybody with an interest in endoscopic research. Attendance includes surgeons, nurse endoscopists and medical gastroenterologists. Meetings are broadly divided into two parts: updates on ongoing research projects and discussion of new ideas. Ideas are discussed at an early stage and if the proposal is supported a working group is formed to progress the study, led by the individual with the idea and the enthusiasm to take it forward.