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Northern Region Endoscopy Group

NREG - Terms of Reference February 2009

Aims and Objectives

· NREG is an endoscopy research network, covering hospitals within the geographical area of the North East England SHA and North Cumbria.

· The NREG network shall develop, coordinate and publish high quality endoscopic research and audit across the North East region.

· All parties interested in endoscopy research are encouraged to participate in the network and attend meetings.

NREG Committee

· Core (voting) membership shall comprise a nominated representative from each hospital within the North East SHA area

o This representative shall act as a “link” to disseminate information to, and collate information/opinion from, their hospital

· Representation (non-voting) from other bodies shall be sought, including but not limited to:

o Primary care with GI research interest



o NORCCAG – medical and surgical links

o Nurse endoscopists

o SHA lead for endoscopy

Office and office tenure

· The following posts shall be determined by vote:

o Chair

o Vice-chair

o These posts shall be held for a period of 3 years (individuals can stand again for a maximum of one further 3 year period)

· Hospital link representatives shall be nominated and decided after open invitation to all endoscopy users in that institution. This should be discussed and minuted in that hospital’s Endoscopy Users’ Group meeting. Where no decision can be reached, the NREG committee shall hold a deciding vote

o These posts shall be held for a period of 3 years

· Other posts to include ( these posts shall be held for a period of 3 years)

o NORCAG – medical and surgical link person

o Link with primary care

o Link with industry

o Developing IT / website

o Link with nurse endoscopists

o Link with AUGIS

o Link with ACP


· For matters which require a formal vote, the hospital link representatives shall hold voting rights. Where an individual cannot attend, a deputy (designated by that representative) should attend and can vote on their behalf. It is the responsibility of the link person to ensure that they have a mandate from their trust.

NREG Meetings

· The group will meet every 3 months, with additional meetings if the need arises.

· Meeting invitees shall comprise:

o Hospital link representatives. Where an individual cannot attend, a deputy (designated by that representative) should attend

o Representatives from other relevant bodies as detailed above

o In addition, there is an open invitation for any other person with an interest in endoscopy research to attend. It is the responsibility of the hospital link representative to ensure other interested parties within that organisation are informed of these opportunities

· Draft agenda:

o Apologies

o Matters arising

o Project updates

§ Trials in progress

§ Trials in development

o New project proposals


o Date, time, place of next meeting

Project groups

· Each project will have a nominated project lead

· Project groups will have separate project meetings, the frequency of which will be set/coordinated by the project lead

· Project groups will provide a research update at each NREG meeting

Authorship of studies

· No study or abstract shall be submitted, in written or other form, bearing NREG’s name until granted by NREG. When a timescale makes it impossible to discuss an abstract at the next NREG meeting, agreement may be reached by electronic communication between the authors and the NREG committee (link people), via the chair.

· All NREG-sanctioned studies will state in the authorship “on behalf of the Northern Region Endoscopy Group”

· Significant contributors will be listed as authors

· Minor contributors will also be acknowledged on the paper/presentation

· Any disagreement over contribution will be decided by the project lead and project team, or where appropriate by vote at the next NREG meeting.