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Northern Region Endoscopy Group

What can NREG offer?

Most endoscopists work in units that do not have sufficient patient numbers or resources to permit independent research. The network brings enthusiastic endoscopists together and gives them the opportunity to develop and participate in high quality, clinically meaningful health service based research. This enables research to be undertaken by pooling of research knowledge and resources and provides a large study population. The network also allows the opportunity for testing of new endoscopy technology across a range of clinicians and units.

Although the network boasts many areas of endoscopic expertise, one of the distinct advantages of NREG is that it incorporates individuals working in “real-life” endoscopy units ranging from small to very large and encompassing a broad spectrum of endoscopy skills and expertise. Thus NREG-led research is likely to be generally applicable to other units throughout the country, as opposed to many studies published from specialised endoscopy units.